Advertisement or some filler here: Our lightweight tents fall into three categories: Compact, lightweight, three-season tents ideal for backpacking and camping in wilderness conditions. Advanced four-season expedition tents designed to handle the most extreme conditions. Outfitter tents built to handle the rigors of repeated use, year after year.

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A CLASS: Factory seconds, these products may have factory blemishes or be flawed but are still fully functional. These tents in many cases never made it to our retailer's shelf. They are classified as factory seconds and flawed in some way making them unacceptable by Eureka! standards to sell as "new" product. B CLASS: Refurbished tents, used and or displayed tent models. These tents will be in many cases "used" but for a variety of reasons have been returned to the retail store. All these tents are returned to Eureka! and refurbished by our experts and returned to an acceptable level of performance in order that they function again. They may lack cleanliness and be worn from use.